The ONE project aims at improving regional capacity for planning investments in ICT through setting up of a network of regional ‘observatories.’ Thanks to the creation of these ICT observatories, partner regions seek to enhance the conditions within their innovation frameworks by documenting ICT penetration processes, making data available to relevant public and private stakeholders, and helping with evaluation of ICT initiatives. Thanks to the activity of ICT observatories, ONE takes action to enable decision-makers to make informed choices about ICT investments based on ex-ante and ex-post analyses of their territories.

What will ONE bring to regions throughout Europe?

•  An opportunity to participate in a community of interested regions to be federated in the future;

•  Methodology set of guidelines on how to develop and exploit ICT observatories to reach an optimal investment planning of resources dedicated to ICT;

•  9 implementation plans providing a roadmap for the integration of the expertise acquired during the project lifetime.