The ONE Conference will serve as a valuable communication platform for researchers, decision-makers and political actors, interested in Digital Agenda and strategic planning of regional policies. The conference will welcome experts dealing with different aspect of Digital Governance: Evidence based management of information society; Improvement of public spending effectiveness; Cost reduction and a better knowledge exploitation; Assessment of (regional) policies’ impact; Structural funds absorption.

The event is also discussing the role of ICT Observatories in enhancing regional capacities for planning ICT investments. It is the second conference, supported by a group of partners of ONE project,, in order to discuss those topics in the context of Digital Agenda Europe, which is now in its mid-term evaluation phase. 

Call for papers - CfP is closed now!

The ONE Book of proceedings (ISBN) will contain abstracts and/or full papers and will be produced under the supervision of distinguished scientific experts:
Alan R. SharkD.P.A., CEO - Public Technology Institute, Alexandria (USA), Associate Professor – School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) Rutgers University-Newark (USA).
Sylvia Archmann, Senior lecturer, European Institute for Public Administrations, Maastricht (NL)
PhDr. Eva Kašparová, Ph.D., Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague (CZ)

Conference Task Force
Irina Zálišová -   EPMA (CZ), Conference Director, zalisova /at/
Radek Bejdák  -  EPMA (CZ),  Logistic coordinator, bejdak /at/
Iva Walterová -   EPMA (CZ), Proceedings coordinator and media relations, walterova /at/
Desiree Bua  -    CSI Piemonte (IT), ONE project manager, desiree.bua /at/