MAPPING project, December 1, 2015. A brand-new competition that gives young European innovators the chance to create or develop a contemporary app that will enhance privacy on mobile devices is underway. With a wide range of prizes awarded to the best proposals, including an amount of 20 000 EUR for the overall winner and the chance to deploy the winning app onto the market, this competition provides a great opportunity for talented individuals with inspiring ideas to get involved in online security.

The annotated collection of recommended literature on Data Governance was elaborated by experts from GovLab (NYU),, as a part of their „effort to build a knowledge base for the filed of opening governance“, as it is announced. Audience is welcome to suggest any useful additional reading to the topic, see more here.

The ONE project was featured at an INTERREG IVC poster show at the Interregional Cooperation Forum in Bologna, Italy. The Forum took place on December 2-3 welcoming policymakers and practitioners from all over Europe working in research and innovation, competitiveness of SMEs, low-carbon economy, environment and resource efficiency - the four areas of the new INTERREG EUROPE programme prepared for the period 2014-2020.

Considering the increased importance of monitoring activities in the new EU 2014-2020 programming period, it is important to evaluate what ONE project may offer to the future. First of all, it is important to discuss the lessons learned: observatory activities are manifold, and all aspects are equally important. In general, the different activities depend on the degree of “maturity” in ICT of the Region, in which they are carried out, and they are connected to the different regulations and competences of the reference territory.

The Committee of the Regions strongly encourages the EU local and regional authorities to take part in the public consultation on the Europe 2020