The general scope and the activities carried out so far by the ONE project were presented at the 3rd workshop of SABER (SAtellite Broadband for European Regions) (, CIP ICT PSP thematic network coordinated by CSI Pie

Europeans have basic digital networks and services, but are missing out on the main current and future benefits of the digital revolution, because of problems in Europe's telecoms and wider digital markets, according to the Commission's annual Digital Agenda Scoreboard published today.

Open data refers to the idea that certain data should be freely available for use and re-use. The Commission's work in the area of open data is focussing on generating value through re-use of a specific type of data – public sector information (PSI), sometimes also referred to as government data.

Plenary speakers of the ONE Conference in Prague 2013 introduce their ideas which they presented at the conference. The video gives insights into the conference highlits and offers space for deeper discussions for the next year in Brussels.

On 28-30 May 2013 Project ONE with a dedicated stand “Piedmont digital. Towards the Piedmont Digital Agenda“ was at the FORUM PA in order  to present the objectives and results of the project and to promote its activities.